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 IT   +39   3451792659

UK  +44 (0) 787127744


Maria is an Italian makeup artist born in 1999 who is now living between London and Venice . She's been working in the industry for 3 years doing mainly fashion publications, commercials, adv but also private clients and events. 

Selected clients:

Record Studio, No Man's Land , Nekane NKN, Monsoon, Blauer USA, Dr, Automobiles, Bulgari, Calzedonia, BecomeOne, RivaYacht, Emilia Wickstead, Acupuncture1993, Hox Italia, Cartier, Forpen, Diadora Kids, Salvadori Jewellery, Pull and Bear, Lido


Selected Publications:

Schon Magazine, Pap magazine, L’Officiel Baltic , Metalhead Magazine, Noctis Mag, Nastymag, L’Officiel USA, L’Officiel ITALIA


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